Why You Need Writer Insurance

If you write for a living then you are self employed. Things can go wrong for writers which is why it is a good idea to insure yourself against thngs like libel or copyright claims. Writer insurance is designed to give you a helping hand when you are faced with legal claims or you are off sick. The fact is that most clients do not accept that writers can get ill and they will soon find someone else to do the work if you are sick for more than a day or two.

Sickness Cover

If you are the main breadwinner in your family then you can’t afford to take time off when you are sick. If you suffer from a recurrent illness as some freelancers do, then too much time off could put your income at serious risk.. The worst case scenario if you are sick on a regular basis is that you could lose your home as well as your income. Writer insurance is designed to help you through the times when work is thin on the ground or when you are ill and unable to work. Also if you decide to are looking for a nomadic style of life where you travel alot and work online you may need to get travel insurance to make sure you are cover in case of the worse. If you are considering writer insurance then you need to look for a policy that covers you if you are ill or unable to work, as well as provide protection in any legal disputes. If you work from an office that is separate from your home and you sometimes meet there with clients then you may find it beneficial to list your freelancing business as a limited company. Setting up as a company means that if there are legal disputes or if your freelancing business should fail, you only have limited financial liability.

Working for Yourself

When you work for yourself you don’t have the same benefits as if you worked for a large company where you might eventually be entitled to a company pension. The best kind of writer insurance may also include some retirement benefits so it makes sense to find the best and most inclusive policy that you can get. Freelance writing is a great career that offers many benefits. You can choose how many hours you will work and what type of clients you will work with. If you have been writing for a long time then you may be able to command considerable sums for your skills. On the downside, freelance writers need to have a fallback line when work is thin on the ground, which is why you should think about writer insurance.

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