What makes a good script?

Scripts not only show you a compelling story but will summarise all other moving and non-moving parts in the production.  For example the tone used, actions taken, expressions and emotion, these should all be expressed within the script. A script is actually just the guideline of the production and will often been changed considerably as it is interpreted.

It is important to remember that you are not narrating the story but showing it off in a visual way. A certain look, a grunt or smile may be all that is needed to convey certain parts of it.

So now we know what separates a script from a story but our story still needs to be compelling, interesting and make people feel something.

If we look at the story from a 10,000ft view often we need a central “thing” that the main character desires more than anything. This thing can come in various forms; it might be true love, treasure, freedom or even saving the planet from sure destruction. Right away this solves many problems in the details of the story. The audience can feel empathy for the main character, the plot has an interesting central theme and we can gage how far or near the main character is to completing the quest and the stories end.

What will make the story interesting and dramatic are the obstacles facing our hero in his search to complete the quest. This can be villains, aliens or even family standing in his way. It can be a physical or emotional conflict. Think of show downs against aliens that have invaded earth or psychological blackmail from loved ones stopping you from showing your true colours.

Using these concepts in interesting ways is where we can stand out from the crowd.

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