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stan lee looking smugIf you are a struggling artist I have no doubt you have had your fair share of different jobs. When I was strap for cash I had several jobs in very different areas. I worked in a factory, loading bay and warehouse where I unloaded Lorries and stored goods. I didn’t mind being a forklift truck driver and think the wages paid are pretty reasonable for a fairly accessible job (there is not a huge amount of training and you can do it fairly cheaply).

Now I recommend trying to get freelancer jobs in writing instead. This can help keep you sharp and hone your skills further whilst making some extra money. You may need to take some lower end jobs to start but they can lead to bigger and better things down the road.

Freelance writing for television shows

In this type of screen writing, the freelance writer uses his previous work experience to get a contract of one or two episodes for which he is hired. In this case the freelance screen writer does work hard to get this contract by telling the production companies why he or she is the right fit for writing that screenplay.

A staff writer who is generally called a story editor or sometimes produces is someone who makes alteration in the content to maintain the original tone, theme, style etc of the show.

Screen writing on daily basis

Writing content for soap commercials or other stuff like this is different from writing content for episodes which are played 5 times a week. So the content writer has to come with a script for each of these 5 episodes that will be played on the television.

This type of work is done in three layers, first consists of top writers who have to make the theme of the overall episode, than there are mid-level writers who take this overall theme and turns them to outlines which are according to the theme that has been designed by the first class writer, at the last level there are writer who receive theme and outlines from which they write catchy comments that will be displayed on the screen. This is the whole process of screen writing in a TV show that you see five times a week.

Screen writing for game shows

Even though game shows feature live contestants but there are some parts where you need an assistance of some writer.

The writer designs the overall flow of the game show and does work for the host of the show who uses some specific dialogues at certain points in the show. They may also need a writer when asking questions to the contestant through a slate on which questions are printed.

Video game writing

Hiring someone who screen writing in video game wasn’t necessary in the past but with the increase in the complexity of the video game has made it absolutely necessary for the video game producer to hire a writer for certain tasks

Screen writing has been a very important position for hundreds of years since the advent of dramas whether they are stage dramas or TV shows.

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