Brilliant Authors and Writers Insurance Cover

It may sound ‘way too high a class’, but the truth is that most professional authors and writers are not aware of the dire need for insurance cover for their work. Variety of writing organizations and companies will even encourage their writers on individual general insurance covers as a shield for their careers, which is more or less a common practice for everyone to have an insurance cover. It important to note to that there is also need for authors and writes insurance for this written work too. Although various insurers may change the name of the cover, nevertheless it is generally known as the media liability cover. Even though the media cover sounds general for the media space, this is the best writers can get from the insurance industry. If you define the writing profession, it would be impossible to exclude bloggers, web content developers, authors, publishers and broadcasters who use writing of any form. Most if not all of these individuals and companies do not realize the relevance of media liability coverage. No one can blame them because there is also a significant percentage of insurance professionals who do not know about authors and writers insurance. So what is the media liability cover? Simple, a coverage that is part of the general liability found in Coverage B, personal, publishing and or advertising injury liability, in a commercial general liability policy. When it comes to such a cover, most writers only learn about when it is too late. Equally, most insurance companies have not trained enough personnel on media liability coverage or at least invest appropriately in advertising it. After all, how do you expect authors to apply for a cover no one can explain every detail about. Clearly, even the writers interested in authors and writers insurance are frustrated by the lack of information on websites of the insurers about the best coverage for this particular professional platform. Many individuals know about insurance from advertisements of the large companies such as Nationwide and Liberty Mutual. Nonetheless, you will be surprised that even these large firms have no media liability covers. Then, why should writers not be frustrated in searching for insurance media coverages. Again, even the small insurance companies find it hard to introduce such a cover into their business models. However, that does not mean the cover is a future affair. If you want to covet an authors and writers insurance, there is always an insurer waiting for you. It is important for professional authors and writers to be interested in taking a cover for their work. Remember, a writer or author may infringe a patent, because personal injuries defame a character and invade privacy. The worst thing is that once information is out you cannot take it back. That means media coverage will come in handy at such a time. Another unique circumstance is when a client wants to avoid paying for writing services and claims the services were not rendered as agreed. Any authors and writers insurance cover will pay for your counsel as the defendant. There you go, get a cover that will protect your career in the long run.

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